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Facial Toner

Facial Toner

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A gentle toner for all skin types, that helps deliver a balanced + clear complexion. Made from minimal ingredients, our Facial Toner has soothing + anti-inflammatory properties from the rosewater, along with the mild astringent from witch hazel, with the finishing touches of frankincense, tea tree + lemon essential oils. 

Facial Toners are best used in between cleansing + moisturizing, removing any excess dirt + oils on the skin. If you're looking for a deep cleansing option, our Cleansing Set + Bundle in shop makes for the perfect duo!



- Rose Hydrosol*
- Witch Hazel*
- Essential Oils of Frankincense* Lemon* + Tea Tree*


How To Use

Gently shake bottle before use. Toners are best to use after cleansing + before moisturizing. Apply toner to a cotton round (or reusable wipe) + massage into skin in a circular motion to help rid excess dirt + oils. Store in cool, dry location for maximum longevity.

T I P :
Use after cleansing in the evenings + finish with a moisturizer. In the mornings, there's no need for a deep face wash again, so use the toner on your fresh morning skin to rid any dirt + oils that came through the night before moisturizing.

Skin Types

All Skin Types:
- Dry-Oily
- Problematic
- Sensitive + Irritated
- Mature + Aging


- Rose Hydrosol: antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, soothing, reduces irritations + redness

- Witch Hazel: antibacterial, treats acne, natural astringent, helps remove excess oils + tightens pores

- Essential Oils of Frankincense, Tea Tree + Lemon: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, treats acne, minimize pores, softens fine lines + wrinkles, brightens skin tone

What Is Tallow?

Tallow carries many nutrients + vitamins that help improve overall skin + cell health. Beef tallow in particular is so similar to our skins sebum (oils that moisturize + protect the skin), saturated fats + vitamins, it actually activates a cellular response in the human skin. 

Tallow is made by rendering suet (the hard, white fat around the kidneys of an animal). Our tallow is sourced from family farms that raise organic, pasture-raised, grass-fed + finished beef.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love this toner

This is the best toner I've used! Doesn't dry my skin and helps take off any leftover makeup residue if I've missed anything.


Favorite toner 🙌🏼