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Cleansing Set + Bundle

Cleansing Set + Bundle

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The Oil Cleansing Method consist of a 2 step routine. Our favorite way to double cleanse is with this bundle here; the Cleansing Oil + Facial Toner

Cleansing Oil is one of the most gentle ways to cleanse your face. Removing makeup, excess dirt + oils, helping remove pore build up, as well as it balancing + regulating your skins oil production. Using an oil may sound counterintuitive, but going back to science class, ‘like dissolves like’. Oil actually breaks down the oils that are clogging pores, and in addition, will nourish + protect the skins acidic mantle (film on surface of skin) which then protects you from bacteria + breakouts!

Our Facial Toner has soothing + anti-inflammatory properties from the rosewater, along with the mild astringent from lemon juice + witch hazel. Best used in between cleansing + moisturizing, this helps remove any excess oils + dirt while tightening your pores.

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Cleansing Oil:
- Castor Oil*
- Argan Oil*
- Hemp Seed Oil*
- Grapeseed Oil*
- Sunflower Oil*
- Essential Oils of Lavender* Peppermint* + Manuka*


Facial Toner:
- Rose Hydrosol*
- Witch Hazel*
- Lemon Juice*
- Essential Oils of Frankincense* + Tea Tree*


How To Use

Massage a quarter sized amount of Cleansing Oil onto dry face for 60-90 seconds in the evenings. Wet cloth with steamy water and set over face until it begins to cools. Gently wipe cloth over skin to remove impurities + oils, rinse cloth + repeat.

Gently shake Facial Toner bottle + apply to a reusable wipe or cotton round. Massage in a circular motion to clean face + rid any excess oils. Finish with a moisturizer.

T I P :
If you haven't been using a cleansing oil in your skincare routine prior, we recommend adjusting your routine over a 2-4 week period, slowly eliminating your old soap so your skin can adjust.

Skin Types

All Skin Types:
- Dry-Oily
- Problematic
- Sensitive + Irritated
- Mature + Aging


Cleansing Oil:
- Castor Oil: antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, reduces acne, enhances eyelash growth

- Argan Oil: hydrating, fights free radicals, rich in antioxidants + vitamin E

- Hemp Seed Oil: treats acne, moisturizing, balances dry skin - Grapeseed Oil*: treats acne, tightens skin, balances oily skin

- Sunflower Oil: fights acne, rich in antioxidants + vitamin E, reduces inflammation + redness

- Essential Oils of Lavender, Peppermint + Manuka: soothing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-fungal, antibacterial, improves circulation

Facial Toner:
- Rose Hydrosol: antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, soothing, reduces irritations + redness

- Witch Hazel: antibacterial, treats acne, natural astringent, helps remove excess oils + tightens pores

- Lemon Juice: antibacterial, vitamin C, can boost collagen, remove dead skin, absorbs excess oils, helps brighten + lighten skin

- Essential Oils of Frankincense + Tea Tree: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, treats acne, minimize pores, softens fine lines + wrinkles

What Is Tallow?

Tallow carries many nutrients + vitamins that help improve overall skin + cell health. Beef tallow in particular is so similar to our skins sebum (oils that moisturize + protect the skin), saturated fats + vitamins, it actually activates a cellular response in the human skin. 

Tallow is made by rendering suet (the hard, white fat around the kidneys of an animal). Our tallow is sourced from family farms that raise organic, pasture-raised, grass-fed + finished beef.

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