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Palo Santo Set + Bundle

Palo Santo Set + Bundle

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Our limited edition, seasonal Palo Santo Set + Bundle is available! Here through March, each product carries a soft, woodsy aroma that's relaxing + grounding, 

with a mild touch of mint + citrus. An essential oil blend of palo santo, cedarwood, vetiver + frankincense.

The Palo Santo Tallow Balm (2 oz) is great as an all-purpose balm. Good as a simple everyday moisturizer, but also influential + healing for those with skin sensitivities + irritations. Use on hands, feet, elbows + full body.

The Palo Santo Clean Candle (9 oz) burns clean from the tallow, beeswax + essential oils, helping purify your space. 

The Palo Santo Sticks (set of 3) have a naturally occurring fragrance from the wood that is known to be relaxing, grounding, clarifying. It's a woodsy, sweet scent with mild notes of mint + citrus. Once burned, it has a nice wood fire undertone. 

Find more info on ingredients, how to use + more in the collapsable rows below. 


Palo Santo Tallow Balm:
- Pasture-Raised Grass-Fed + Finished Tallow*
- Jojoba Oil*
- Essential Oils of Palo Santo, Cedarwood* Vetiver* + Frankincense*


Palo Santo Clean Candle:
- Pasture-Raised Grass Fed + Finished Tallow*
- Beeswax*
- Essential Oils of Palo Santo, Cedarwood, Vetiver + Frankincense
- Wooden Wick

* Organic

Palo Santo Sticks:
- Palo Santo Wood

How To Use

Palo Santo Tallow Balm:
Use the backside of fingernail to remove balm + soften in hands. Apply sparingly as an all purpose balm for a nourished + calm complexion. Use on hands, feet, elbows, skin irritations + as a full body moisturizer. Store in a cool, dry location for maximum longevity.

Palo Santo Clean Candle:
Hold a lit match or lighter to the wooden wick + wait for it to catch. Let it burn + blow flame out when finished.

For an even burn, let the top layer melt fully each time.

Once candle has been used, before lighting again, gently pinch the top of the wick off to 1/4 inch before lighting for a more consistent flame.

Palo Santo Sticks:
Hold a lit match or lighter to the stick at a 45 degree angle or so to catch. Let it burn for at least 30 seconds before blowing it out. Once the flame is out and the stick is smoldering, walk around your home or set it in a fire safe bowl to give an aroma of palo santo + wood fire.

Skin Types



Palo Santo Tallow Balm:
- Pasture-Raised Grass-Fed + Finished Tallow: moisturizing, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, soothing, activates cellular response, repairs damaged skin, low PUFA, rich in vitamins A, D, E + K

- Jojoba Oil: antiseptic, similar to skins natural sebum, moisturizing, low PUFA

- Essential Oils: antibacterial, purifying, stimulates healing, emotionally grounding

Palo Santo Clean Candle:
- Pasture-Raised Grass-Fed + Finished Tallow: burns clean, toxic free, generations past used tallow for candles

- Beeswax: burns clean, purifies environment, releases negative ions that breakdown positive ions like pollen, dust, mold + toxins

- Essential Oils: purifying, toxic free, softly + safely scents environment

- Wooden Wick: sappy fruit tree, untreated, FSC certified which means they come from a sustainably managed forest

Palo Santo Sticks:
- Palo Santo Wood: naturally occurring fragrance, relaxing, grounding, clarifying

What Is Tallow?

Tallow carries many nutrients + vitamins that help improve overall skin + cell health. Beef tallow in particular is so similar to our skins sebum (oils that moisturize + protect the skin), saturated fats + vitamins, it actually activates a cellular response in the human skin. 

Tallow is made by rendering suet (the hard, white fat around the kidneys of an animal). Our tallow is sourced from family farms that raise organic, pasture-raised, grass-fed + finished beef.

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Customer Reviews

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Tracy B
Palo Santo is a new fav!

Long time customer and I must say this is my favorite tallow blend. The candle is beautiful as well.